Wrapped and Tied.

Wrapped and Tied: Tools of the trade. Four vintage tools, wrapped and tied, held for a memory, treasured for a life time.
Wrapped and Tied: Tools for the Trade #2. Relics of the garage, files of the moment, icons to honor.
Wrapped and Tied: Tool from the Kitchen. Memories of Mother, tables set, knifes sharp, food hot.
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New Work

Wrapped and Tied: Tools

Wrapped and tied in stained fabric and string. Rusted and wrapped, relics of a forgotten garage.  These tools reflect a memory passed down from grandfather to grandson.

Assembled work, worn and tired tools, wrapped and tied. The tools served different purpose originally—however now it’s the functionality, the shape, and texture that drives the composition, and me to use them. This body of artwork draws on my memories, objects treated like relics, and surfaces are rusted and worn off. Like memories, holding on to them, wrapping them up to save.

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Gateway to the Imagination – New Mexico

Gateway to the Imagination – A National Juried Art Show

September 24, 2018
So blessed to have to assemblages voted in to the Gateway to the Imagination show in Farmington New Mexico .  Titled Brush of the Master: Relic 2 and 3. 

.This artwork began with a collection images and found objects.  Inspiration stems from an inner guidance, and intuition. I begin each piece with these in mind and hand, begin to add subtract, layer each piece, and bring together the artwork. Combining religion and found objects, I craft assemblages that contrast several influences to create new ways of expression.

Medium: mixed media assemblage

Dimensions: 16.5″ x 4″ x 1.75″

Price: $525.00

This annual national juried art show is held at the Farmington Museum.
The show features a variety of artwork paintings, watercolor, sculptures, photographs and mixed media.
This annual show attracts fine artists from across the country and will feature approximately 100 entries, including paintings, watercolors, sculptures, photographs, and mixed media. Juror Julie Sasse, Chief Curator, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, and Curator of Latin American Art at the Tucson Museum of Art, will give a free presentation prior to the opening reception on September 23.   More examples of this work can be seen on my Facebook page. 
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