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Virgin Mary in a Reclaimed Frame

This framed icon of the Virgin Mary holds a spiritually lifting image of the Virgin Mary covered in Art Resin.

Using a reclaimed picture frame, I coated the frame with flat black, covered in gold and rubbed off with red.  Leaving a unique one of a kind finish.

Total frame size is 9 ¾” high  x 7 3/4” and about 1 inch deep. 

This framed icon is intended to hang on the wall by the saw-tooth hanger I have mounted on the back.

The Virgin Mary image is mounted high, raised, surrounded a black background, and covered in Art Resin.

This artwork has been created for you to draw inspiration from. My goal is to merge the images together into something which is joyful and beautiful to look at. Artist Ian Knowles says, “It is like a door through which the saint or Christ himself comes and is present to the worshipper, and graces and blesses them, and you find yourself caught up in heaven through these images.” That is what I hope this icon wall plaque does for you.

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